Ardurito Uno


What Is Ardurito?

Ardurito is a development board based on the Arduino Uno, The board has been shrunk to just under half the size of a full-size Arduino. It has a larger power regulation system allowing the Ardurito itself to easily provide regulated for an entire project, not just itself. It has an added on-off switch, as well as live level switching allowing the system to be adapted from 5v logic to newer 3v logic even while still running a program.


Why Did I Make Ardurito?

Adurito started as a project because I needed a full-featured Arduino to fit on an angle in a standard double-wide junction box. I designed the shape I needed with just a general working Uno copy and had a couple made, before I knew it others were interested. So I decided to just take everything anyone wanted an Arduino Uno to be able to do. Since I already had the design set up adding a couple of features was easy, I have sequentially started adding features and the product is still unfinished and not perfectly polished but I hope to finish it and offer it for sale by the end of this year.


Why Use Ardurito?

There is the obvious novelty of a Dorito shaped Arduino,  but It is also the perfect replacement for any true DIY enthusiast. For anyone that has moved past the Arduino shield system. It is more powerful smaller and more convenient, for serious development, and it handily fits in any small project.