About David Hickox

I’m David Hickox and I study Computer Engineering at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. My love for electronics started when I was young, I took apart my first computer when I was 7 and got it back together in working order and my love just sprouted from there. Since then I have built, flown (and sometimes crashed) several of my own RC Plane and Drone designs. I invested a lot of time learning C and C++ which allowed me to experiment with an Arduino and other microcontrollers. I have moved on to build an Atmega based controller called Ardurito, and several battery controller/charger boards for both rocketry and E-skateboard purposes. I am currently working on a 3d high-performance multi-extruder 3d printer controller board because I have not found anything commercially that suits my needs. Aside from all the board design, I am also a skilled RC pilot. I have flown a variety of aircraft and it is one of my continuing hobbies. It integrates very well with Computer Engineering allowing me to experiment with autopilot, assists, and other things that are available on the new electric planes.

On my nontechnical side, I play the trumpet which I have now done for 10 years. Music is a very large part of my life, I have built my own plasma speaker (aka a tesla coil/slayer exciter with a modulation circuit for sound). I am working on an advanced RGB light strand controller that detects sound and will reacts to the beat and pitch. If I have any free time left, I am also a car enthusiast and I have been an amateur botanist for a long time.