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VR Education Toolkit:

HackIllinois Main Prize Winner!

This project was created at the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign hackathon “Hack Illinois”. It was chosen for the Main sponsor’s prize “Walking Your Dog Food to Market”. It is focused on allowing educators and online education content providers (ex: Khan Acadamy) to create VR education experiences with ease and little setup making VR a viable option instead of quicker conventional methods. VR in education makes content more engaging and realistic than blackboard teaching and it also allows for dangerous, expensive, or microscopic experiments to be conducted without regard to safety, price, or size.  I currently plan to start a new project that will provide only assets and classroom setups in a non-toolkit form that will allow teachers to build their lessons with as much easy but cherry pick what they want instead of downloading one bloated package and having to scroll through thousands of assets.

For the VR EDU TK website click here.

Link to Devpost and Download: