CAD and Art

Lonely, Deadly, Paradise:

This was a project I started as a small animation for a group of content creators, sadly they dissolved so the animation was never finished, I plan to revisit it in the future but as of now rendering an animation proves quite costly. This piece of artwork is completely hand modeled, textured, lit, and rendered in Blender. The concept behind this was an abandoned paradise, a small glimpse into a long-lost natural world in a new, modern, industrial, space-going era. Though the destruction of the modern era peaks through in the feature of the pure glass tree, even though it is a pretty replacement it is nothing like the real thing.

Some cool facts about the picture:

  • It took 60 hours to render this one image after extensive optimization
  • The glass tree is really noisy and without it, the scene only takes 2-5 hours to render.
  • There are over 5 million individual blades of grass in the scene
  • The planet is actually a multi-gigapixel textured Mars, It also has a bump map that is scaled to be accurate for surface features since why not
  • There are thousands of individually modeled asteroids of all shapes and sizes (about 15 models then created a particle system and modified the particles mathematically)

“Holy Diamond Batman” Vase:

This Vase, meant for a single rose or flower, was my first venture into modeling for 3D printing. I had printed lots of other peoples designs for projects and just for cool fun toys, but I had not modeled anything for printing myself. I decided to start with something I was more familiar with, some artistic piece. This was created for a MyMiniFactory competition for vases and it has sold several times in the past years.

Low Poly Modern Vase:

This was my second entry into the MyMiniFactory contest this was a somewhat successful attempt at a low polygon modern vase for a few flowers. It is quite minimalistic but still cool so it looks nice in a very modern clean house or setting. Sadly when MyMiniFactory took the photo they did not put it on a modern set. Non the less this did about as well as “Holy Diamond Batman” regardless that it still looks like a damaged potato to me.